Survey results up to March 2024

Below are the Survey results as at March 2024. Suggestions to add or modify the survey are welcome – send your idea to us here. Currently the survey is flexible (meaning you are free to complete any aspect of the survey) and it can be made more definitive if desired – so preferences for potential owners are separate from preferences from potential tenants, for example). Anyone who has completed the survey will receive updates to the latest agreed upon version on a regular basis.

    • This first response for general interest (respondents could express interest in any or all the options, the proceeding options are more definitive):
    • 65% interest in land purchase and house construction
    • 52% in tenancy/rental
    • 50% in retirement facility
    • 15% in Maharishi School
    • 71% in coherence-creating
    • 18% in consciousness-based education
    • 65% in Health centre and Panchakarma
    • 50% in Vastu healing garments, Vedic organic agriculture
    • 38% in Maharishi Vastu house planning
    • 44% in Advanced residential courses
    • 3% for each of the remainder
    • 59% interested to build Maharishi Vastu dwelling as a resident individual
    • 7% interested to build Maharishi Vastu dwelling as a resident family
    • 7% interested to build Maharishi Vastu dwelling as a rental facility for other meditators/sidhas/governors
    • 4% interested to build with option as a temporary dwelling
    • Other comments:
        • Private facilities for single person
        • Just a 2 bedroom cottage ideally.
        • I am interested in renting a self contained dwelling or condo
        • Self contained unit for 2 people
        • Retirement options

The 8 people who are interested in the Maharishi School will receive more information by email.

There seem to be a couple of children as candidates for the school so far.

Half a dozen people with qualifications in education participated in the survey

    • 64% interested in purchasing or building a Maharishi Vastu retirement cottage
    • 54% interested in renting a Maharishi Vastu retirement cottage
    • 10% interested in renting a shared Maharishi Vastu retirement cottage

This section now includes current country of residence also

Several people indicated skills which could assist in bringing Maharishi Peace Village to its fruition.

Many thanks to everyone who completed this Survey. The MPV Consulting team will correspond with everyone on these results and new opportunities which continue to arise.

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